On occasion, I go out

March 13, 2010

This evening I met with some RL pals for dinner and a show: the Video Games Live concert with the Tucson Symphony and Chorus. I got to go because Sue was going to, but begged off due to pneumonia. Fortunately she is on the mend now, but not healed yet. Just took a shot of some unusual buildings across the street, on the way in. Retail with apartments on top, I’m told. No idea about the colors. Desert pastels, I suppose. We had a nice dinner beforehand at a Greek restaurant I intend to remember, Fronimo’s (sic). I haven’t had a nice gyro in a long time.

We were treated to…enhanced musical renditions of many a favorite game, and many of these I’ve played. Halo, Warcraft, Zelda, Super Mario, classic arcade games. They even had an Asian fellow who taught himself to play game music on the piano, right down to the sped-up Tetris music when you’re about to lose. You would have to have played Super Mario Bros. to recognize how the music will speed up when your timer is almost run out. He was a crowd favorite.

The last shot turned out a bit blurry in spite of several tries, but it was a joke I couldn’t pass up. Where else is the ‘intermission’ a loading screen? Who else would get the joke?

My RL friends, in this case, I know through WoW and through the sci fi convention in town. Sometimes we do talk without using headsets, and interact face to face rather than through our avatars. One of the virtues of my guild-of-friends that most of my WoW toons are in, is that a lot of us live in the area. It makes a difference. I really know these people. Well, some of them. If anyone is going to get my feeling of nostalgia towards the classic old games of my youth, the stirring theme of Halo, it’d be them.

And the concert included this video, which I’ve seen before. No, never played them all, but many! Is it a sign of a wasted youth? I don’t think so. I think it would be if I hadn’t enjoyed it. I could say the same of life, for that matter. We’re here to do whatever we can with life, whatever we choose to, if we’re lucky. Enjoying life is not a bad purpose.


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