The virtues of elitism

March 12, 2010

WoW post for the day.

So, yesterday we beat our heads in against the Blood Queen in 25s, and…target remains. But while my own performance remains admirably, typically sub-par DK as they’ve been tuned, the guild had a new recruit jump in and be horrible, totally horrible, for the evening. Bad dps, killing people with friendly fire, not improving. Barely beating tanks on damage. Entitlement mentality in a raw recruit. And at the end of the evening, the officers argued over who was more deserving to gkick the guy. I was left wondering why they recruited him in the first place. Desperation, maybe.

I mean, I screw up as often as anyone else. But I can admit it. And I learn. Not everyone does. But not every guild responds like this if someone doesn’t learn, and improve.

I have serious doubts about ever finishing my Shadowmourne questline. But I wouldn’t have a sliver of hope if I had stayed put. It depends a lot on when Blizzard winds up WotLK and begins to build for the Cataclysm release at this point. I know when the emphasis changes, people just won’t be interested in raiding Icecrown anymore. I expect I will fail to finish this, since I’m technically second in line; the officer clique favors their friend, it’s typical.

So the guild is still sociable enough, almost nothing is safe from a joke, but they just don’t put up with crap as much. The officer clique & friends aren’t just bad raiders being carried; the clique is also the core of best raiders in the bunch. They subtly reinforce their position, true, but they wouldn’t be safe from the standard they set.

For my one shot at the big time raiding, it’s not a bad choice. Although I wish I had found them later on. It’s interesting, observing an intentionally small guild try to hang on to a useful cadre of 25 people. The old guild didn’t care, just overbook and let slackers solve their own problem. Here, slackers are a big problem! Who knows, we might have killed BQL if a decent raider had showed instead of that scrub who got gkicked for sucking.

It is a fine edge to walk, and I suppose I should be grateful that I’m no officer, not responsible for anything more than showing up and being prepared. I could laugh off the raider who apparently took everything he could one night, and then transferred off the server with a Bryntroll and a Shadow’s Edge to start over elsewhere. Although it really isn’t funny.

Next week: I go for Unholy Infusion. Here’s hoping I don’t suck at it.


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