Show and Tell

March 12, 2010

Ok, one more before I find other things to do with my evening.

About a block from home, I was reminded of why I wanted a camera. Although, what I could really use is a camera in my eye. Just the little incongruities one finds wandering about town. I see a family out walking…heading for the ice cream truck, I think. Yes, it goes around all year here. But then, it’s supposed to be pushing into the 70s tomorrow, so why not? And I see this couple walking their toddler and carrying their dog. Mind you, it is a chihuahua. But still. Odd, isn’t it? Walk the dog and carry the kid, I figure. Or walk both of them.

So, some pictures:

Nameless clone of MudbugThis is Clone. Whose cat is he? My neighbors’ cat. Why do we call him this? We don’t know his real name. I don’t know these neighbors too well.  🙂  Why Clone? Because he looks just like their other cat. The other one’s name (we think) is Mudbug. How can we tell them apart? Clone is friendlier. Have you ever had a cat greet you when you come home? This one does. He also pesters me on my way out to work, too. What is he doing? He’s exploring my house, because when I come home he wants to visit.

I walked him outside after taking this. He’s fine…mine is one of few yards with no resident dog, so cats like it.

Front yard, right sideSo, what’s this? As the picture alt-text should say if I did that right, it’s my front yard. Not bad for winter eh? You betcha. I will hopefully take some shots soon of the local mountain ranges to show you my snow. I prefer it there, at this point. The cactus is the sole survivor of mom’s attempt to decorate; landscapers removed the other plants, thought they were weeds, I imagine. The tobacco plant out in front is doing well. No, we don’t smoke it. You should note the status of the lawn/weeds/clover. Remember what I mentioned about the weather. There is a down side.

Have a good weekend…I may post a bit tomorrow on other topics.


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