Beaten to the punch

March 12, 2010

As usual. Since I have been watching the political goings-on, but haven’t been writing about it, I found a blog on Daily Kos that already captures my thoughts on the issue of the health care bill.

This was after I was sufficiently outraged by Markos himself, to go looking for some written comment about his TV appearances to complain about him. I mean, we’re at a point where the liberals in the party are under attack by the moderates. The linked blog mentions what I only saw a little taste of on TV.

Dennis Kucinich, who has always marched to his own drummer, is villified daily on these pages, most prominently by the host of this site who appears to now favor the very bill he had previously opposed.  When Michael Capuano, a solid progressive who should have been the Democratic nominee for Massachusetts Senate, indicated he might oppose the bill, the pass any bill crowd began to go after him like Faux News after ACORN.  The same with the leader of the progressive caucus, Raul Grijalva.  Even the criticsm of Bart Stupak, much of it justified, has taken the form of demonization.  Despite the fact that when it comes to most other issues, particularly economic issues, he has a rather progressive voting record.

I didn’t know this about Raul Grijalva — time to send him another message of support! It makes me happy that I have him as my representative, and not some compromised politician like Gabrielle Giffords. As for Bart Stupak, I have no love for his pro-life or else policy, but I think we can do better than demonization…though perhaps I haven’t seen the worst of it, I couldn’t say.

But, yeah. The point being how much pressure, how much under-the-bus-throwing, is being done to liberals — not just conservative Democrats, liberals too — to sign on to this bill. I know, Obama himself would accentuate the positive and the good it will do, but I agree entirely with this blog poster about Obama’s extreme hands-off approach. I chalk it up to him being a Senator himself, respect for the institution, getting away from the ‘unitary executive’ crap, what have you. Maybe too much respect.

And they’re absolutely right about the lost opportunity of 2009. We could have built the kind of support that would have carried us through four, maybe eight years of solid change for the better. Instead, we’ve been treated to a year of the worst in politics, from Democrats eating their own, to negotiation with self-serving twits and buying senators’ votes. It must have been easy for Republicans to march in lockstep opposition to everything. I’m sure that much of what they’ve done has gone unreported, with there being so much Democratic party drama to ramble on about instead.

Just one of those things that’s driving me away from the party, I suppose. Anyway, I need to go send that message to Grijalva before he’s mauled by a blue dog.


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