I do other things on weekends

March 9, 2010

So now that I know a few people are checking this out, don’t be alarmed if I don’t post much on the weekend. My weekend, that is; Sunday & Monday. I get other things done then. This was one of them.

My impromptu slow-cooker pot roast turned out good. A bit dry on the meat but maybe I’ll do something to fix that. There was no real recipe involved, and I didn’t have any flour handy to build some gravy for it, since I don’t bake at all. I like slow cooking. Some days you just don’t feel like slaving over a stove.

This is also the debut of my new camera. Not going out today, as I’m not feeling well. So no majestic skylines for you (or shots of Tucson traffic). Maybe later.



  1. dude, you are just taking pictures of the carrots, not eating them, right? by the way, following the latest repub to resign over his…ah…lack of family values is pretty amusing, in a roman circus kind of way, eh?

    • I will have you know that I ate those carrots. I don’t like them raw. But I do like them cooked. I’ll have to ask later which Republican you mean.

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