Speaking of biased reporting…

March 6, 2010

I’m not sure if I will add a Politics tab to this blog, so for now I will stick this article under ‘personal.’ It’s early, so the media may comment on this eventually.

So some fellow with a history of mental illness got himself killed at the Pentagon the other day. The news I find so far concentrates on the facts, on the mental illness, and in one amusing case on the political spin, right-wingers disavowing this one — don’t blame us! I’m not sure that his political posture influenced the conspiracy theories that blended with his madness and led to his death. 9/11 conspiracy, though. Could have.

I will be interested to see, however, if there is any comment on the guns. Mentally unbalanced folks with guns. I see some commenters on websites are picking up on this, but that’s about it. No serious articles on the subject, just yet.

I have a problem with a society that sees fit to permit such people to acquire guns, and so easily. Time will tell if the NRA has to expend some resources on damage control. But for whatever reason, enough people in this society are willing to spend enough money and influence to make this happen. I understand the right to have guns is so enshrined in our society and our Constitution that I doubt anything will change that in my lifetime.

And yet in California, from what I can find, there is a waiting period. You’d think that prior arrests and mental illness would be something that could be verified, even if a gun buyer lies on the paperwork. At best, there are some cracks in the system in California that need patched, and they’re lucky no one else got killed in the process.


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