Dinner with the Lich King

March 5, 2010

So, on a brighter (?) WoW note, this evening I hope the 10-man that I’m in this week will reform. And I think our group got the guild’s first Sindragosa kill earlier, when we cleared the frost and plague wings. So all that stands between us and Arthas is the blood wing, content we’ve cleared before.

Time to watch some Tankspot videos…someone else has done it, might as well not go in clueless myself. Looks like this one is long enough to be a two-parter. Ugh.

Saturday morning update: we met the Lich King, but no luck yet. Naturally, the raid leaders chose a fight strat different from Tankspot. I don’t know if the fail is due to our gear, skill, or timing, but we may take another crack at it on Sunday.

All I want for Cataclysm is a worgen hunter...


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