Soon, pictures

March 4, 2010

Something for my snow-ridden family…well, hope it’s starting to melt by now, it is March. So this category, this tab of my blog, is for you. I imagine no one else is going to care anyway.

Another birthday come and gone, and I may actually survive to see age 40. That would be interesting for me; for a long time, I didn’t think, or couldn’t imagine, surviving that long. Perhaps when I reach that milestone, 50 will look as daunting. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Was it like that for you, in your 20s? Something like age 40 being…unimaginable. Impossible.

Anyway, pictures. Soon I will start posting pictures. With some of the b-day fundage I have purchased online, of course, a camera. I expect it will arrive in the next week or so. I did some real-world shopping, but the brick & mortar stores do not seem to live up to the websites in terms of selection or price! Figure that out eh? I can’t.

So with that in mind, if any of you get some bright ideas on what I should take pictures of for posting here, let me know. You have my email; now you will have this place through which to pester me. And yes, I probably will get a shot of myself so your kids can see their long-lost, desert-dwelling, eccentric uncle.

Besides, I see things around here every day that remind me why I came here, why I like it here. I thought it might be nice to show them to you.

Otherwise, situation normal here in the desert. And we did enjoy the cake.


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