So, this is hardcore…

March 3, 2010

I’ve been reading my usual spate of WoW sites and blogs, and it figures that the one that inspired me is about burnout: something I’ve been feeling, too. Hm. Not a particularly inspiring first post on the subject, is it. Oh well.

Since joining a (relatively) hardcore guild, one that does not allow social niceties to override the desire for progression, it’s been pretty demanding on my free time. It’s gotten to have that second-job feel. And I know it’s not that bad, and I know it’s been rewarding. Much more rewarding than what I would have got, had I stayed put. But I have let other things fall by the wayside to make room for it.

And I find myself thinking that I can’t keep this up indefinitely. Cataclysm is coming out this year, and how will I get to dig in and explore all the new content? Play the new races? Play my armada of alts? Play both factions? I have let a lot slip. To say nothing of those mundane RL got-a-life type things.

So having taken the plunge and joined a challenging guild, taking my main character to about the limit of my own development…it seems ok to look back at it and decide, I’ve done it, I don’t need to keep doing it. How does one back out of this sort of thing? It’s odd. Although it’s not supposed to rely on those social niceties, I still feel bad about the prospect of backing out. Even in a friendly way, just acknowledging my limitations re: the time-space continuum.

Anyway, general and vague topic as I am not sure yet how much I wish to identify my toons, server, guild, etc. How impressive would that be for them, my first post is about wanting to gquit. Ha! It’s not you, it’s me…


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