Wishful thinking – my last word on the Dawkins subject

March 2, 2010

Time will tell, but hopefully Dr. Dawkins’ apology to the RDF forum membership will do the trick. I can tell there are some unsatisfied people, although I suspect they will eventually realize that their pound of Josh Timonen’s flesh is not forthcoming. As far as I’m concerned, his apology is my best-case scenario, and I expect nothing more to come of it.

That might come off as ungrateful, heh. Is grateful the right word? Maybe not. I’m pleasantly surprised that Dawkins exceeded my expectations and did what I hoped he was capable of doing. This is one of the virtues of pessimism. I was almost incapable of being unpleasantly surprised. Even the demise of the old forum, the bad behavior, was easily understood, the perils of being human, of making poor snap judgments.

I see PZ Myers also chimed in on the subject, everyone being especially eager to see this whole flap get wrapped up and all. I saw some interesting comments there about Dr. Dawkins & Timonen perhaps getting some apologies in turn. They probably won’t get them, from the ones they burned the most. But I can own up to my own mis-steps.

So, Dr. Dawkins, should the vagaries of the internet find you here: I apologize for the people blowing up at you and Josh and going personal, insulting. Sure, I didn’t, I’m not personally responsible. But I didn’t mind laughing it off, writing it off as venting. In the spirit of the old forum, it was about attacking arguments, not people; and no matter what they did — what Josh did, or you did — nobody deserves that.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes with the new RDF forum. I am skeptical, of course, of the site admins, of Dawkins, of censorship; I doubt I’ll spend as much time on it as I used to; but I’m not writing it off completely, yet. That seems a bit premature.


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