Hello world!

February 26, 2010

Right, so I think I’ve conquered my first challenge with this blogging business, coming up with a name that someone else didn’t jump on sooner. Next up: remembering to come back here again.

So, to get the obvious stuff out of the way.

Who am I? Oh, not the founder of House Tytalus from Ars Magica; I come by the name honestly through White Wolf’s Mage: the Ascension rpg. No, not the Awakening. I will add things like a real name to the profile, I suppose, when I find it.

What’s this about? I see a lot of more…focused efforts, but for right now I have no such plan. My interests include the aforementioned Mage game, World of Warcraft, life in the desert, skepticism. Something my family and friends and perhaps a few oddball readers will find an interest in.


One comment

  1. It’s a very good name. Given my interest in both Ars Magica (I wrote for several of the books and play a lot) and the Dawkins forum (where i posted as Jerome) I would think so though. I’ll add a link on my blog

    cj x

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